SSL Certificate: What is SSL Certificate? Why is it Important For Every Blog?

Introduction To SSL 

Protecting an online property is the primary priority at its convenience time, a store online without security loose trust.

same relates to blogs and corporations and this can be done with the help of SSL Certificate.



Google has made web-security a top ranking factor for every site.

Google has further announced by June 2018 [Not specific with Date].

Sites without the SSL Certificate will be indicated as none-secure sites and knowing chrome that has been the most used browser both on mobile phones and desktop also wearable devices. e.g Watches.


The upsurge of online purchases in 2018 makes every e-commerce site be in exposure of ethical hackers and nubs not particularly the hackers, the trust between you and your visitors without SSL certificate on your site get broken little by little.


What is SSL Certificate?

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer.


It is purposed to encrypt your web traffic between the web server where your site is being hosted and your visitors’ browsers.


The SSL protects your site visitors and information it collects, to keep them safe from dangerous guys of the internet (hackers).



Why Should I Need an SSL Certificate on My Website?


As I stated above in my introduction Google has made web security with SSL certificate a ranking factor.

In 2018,  Google wants to make sure every website being visited with chrome and other browsers that partnering with them offer the best security service both in speed, mobile friendliness, and trust.



3 types of SSL certificate

According to  Symantec


Domain Validated Certificate. [DV]



DV certfifactes




Domain Validated certificates are certificates that are checked against domain registry.

There is no identifying organizational information for these certificates and thus should never be used for commercial purposes.


It is the cheapest type of certificate to get, but this is a high-risk certificate use on a public website. It is comparable to the “hooded man” or the zero star rating sellers.

Visitors to a website with DV certificates cannot validate, via the certificate, if the business on the site is legitimate and thus often DO NOT trust this type of certificate.

It is recommended using these types of certificates where security is not a concern, such as protected internal systems.

see Example of the DV cert here with chrome





Organisation Validated Certificate. [OV]





Organizational certificates are Trusted.

Organizations are strictly authenticated by real agents against business registry databases hosted by governments.

Documents may exchange and personnel may be contacted during validation to prove the right of use. OV certificates, therefore, contain legitimate business information.

This is the standard type of certificate required on a commercial or public facing website.

OV certificates conform to the X.509 RFC standards and thus contain all the necessary information to validate the organization.

Details of the certificate via Firefox:



Extended Validation Certificate. [EV]


Nothing provides more trust and security than Symantec Extended Validation Certificates. It is used by most of the world’s leading organizations.

They have found that switching from OV to EV certificates increases online transactions and improve customer confidence.


It is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

“An important motivation for using digital certificates with SSL was to add trust to online transactions by requiring website operators to undergo vetting with a Certificate Authority (CA) in order to get an SSL certificate.


However, commercial pressures have led some CAs to introduce ‘domain validation only’ SSL certificates for which minimal verification is performed of the details in the certificate.

Most browsers’ user interfaces did not clearly differentiate between low-validation certificates and those that have undergone more rigorous vetting.

Since any successful SSL connection causes the padlock icon to appear, users are not likely to be aware of whether the website owner has been validated or not

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. As a result, fraudsters (including phishing websites) have started to use SSL to add perceived credibility to their websites.” – Wikipedia.

EV certificates reinstate the trust users have a secured website.

The criteria for issuing EV certificates are defined by the Guidelines for Extended Validation and provide a vetting process that is much stricter than that for OV certificates.

 A, part of improving trust and confidence via the strictest authentication process, EV certificates triggers a visible Green Bar on modern browsers to distinguish the secured site apart from others.

The combination of Symantec’s world trusted strict validation procedures, the Symantec/Norton Seal and the Green Bar provides the highest degree of trust amongst consumers.

It is extremely difficult to impersonate or phish an EV enabled site as even if web content can be duplicated, the Green Bar cannot be triggered without a trusted EV certificate.



Browsers that support EV Green Bar:

Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3.2+, Opera 9.5+

Immediately when accessing a secured EV enabled site with one of the above browsers, the following can be seen:





Disclaimer For Types of SSL Certificates

The three types of SSL cert are not a property of Affgrowth, they pasted as copied from Symantec LLC but The image credit remains Property of Affgrowth and other contents on this present page.










Reasons Why you need an SSL Cert For Your Business, Blog, and Personal Website.



  1. SEO


As mentioned above Google has made Site security a ranking factor, they recently backed off from the normal SEO ranking factors like “linking” etc.

these SEO techniques can only be effective if only done in the right way.


Now let me tell you what, Google loves three things.


  • Mobile friendliness
  • Speed
  • Trust.


An SSL can make Google be your friend as far as you keep their policy without violation.



  1. Security.



Just like in the way we have thieves in our states, the same thing happens too on the web.

If your site uses “HTTP” header then, you are exposed to sneaky people online looking for a site without an SSL certificate to inject and take the valuable information contained within the website.

in which users and pieces of information like credit card numbers are being extorted and used for fraudulent acts.


But with an SSL certificate “https”.

You can protect your users’ information and emails from the sneakers.

If you are running an e-commerce website, SSL  certificate is essential.

protects your site with an added layer that keeps information covered securely.



I don’t run an e-commerce site why do I need it?


Not everybody runs an e-commerce site.

But everybody has an user-name and password we use whenever we want to log in our admin section on our sites.

These credentials are likewise in danger if we don’t protect them from the wrong people (hackers).



You think your site is secure because you don’t give or collect credit card details?

You are wrong, those site without security be it WordPress, Tumblr, Shopify, Weebly, and Wix platform they easily get hacked without the SSL cert Enabled.


Nobody is exceptional when the nightwalkers (hackers) hunt for who to bring down.

One sure way to keep them away is by an SSL certificate.

Using it to create an added layer to protect you and that of your customer’s private information.





  1. Trust.



Google has good plans for sites they trust and that’s not new.

But your customers’ trust Is at risk if you do not have an active EV certificate on your e-commerce site.


2018 we are, customers and new buyers will always look for a secure site to buy their products/services from using their credit cards.

Once a site does not have an encryption with the green padlock symbol on the web address, it shows it’s not secure.



So customers build trust with online merchants who keep their privacy secure a top priority.


If you want none issues on fraudulent activities on your site, then one of the best ways is to keep customers information secured with an EV cert.


With this encryption, I can assure you 80% of conversation rate compared to a site which is not encrypted with the SSL cert.

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How do you get this certificate?

Almost every web-hosting company offer free or paid SSL cert on a purchase of hosting products.

But they don’t last Long, some of them last for three months, some five months and six months.



But you can get one-year security for a low price of a cup of coffee from Namecheap.

yes Namecheap


Why Namecheap and not other vendors?


These are 3 reasons I recommend Namecheap.


>>Support service.

Namecheap gives all their customers listening ears about any issue about a service purchased from them they are there to help you 24/7 round the clock.



>>Economical Save big

just like Bluehost, GoDaddy, and HostGator,  Namecheap delivery service is fast and cheap, you get every order after you have purchased a service from them; you get suooirt with what you buy.


>>Flexible Payment Gateway.


Namecheap accepts bitcoin and PayPal as a medium of payment which are the common and secure ways of making payments online. You can also fund your Namecheap account to keep it for future purchases.


>>Account  Security.


Namecheap has two-factor authentication login which apart from your normal password you set another passkey to your account that is only known to you, except if you share it with a third party.


Now you know why I recommend Namecheap for you why not check their plans and pricing to see which ones interest you the most?


They have a variety of SSL certs ranging from a positive SSL to premiumsll wildcard.


SSL listings & features.




Positive SSL


How many Domains can connect:  single domain

What type of sites are they good for?: Good for blogs and Personal websites

Price: $9.00/yr  Now  $8.88/yr


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How many Domains can connect:  single Domain

What type of sites are they good for?: Good for blogs and personal websites.

Price: $29.00 /yr  Now  $14.88


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How many Domains can connect:  single Domain

What type of sites are they good for?: Great for Business

Price: $39.00 /yr  Now  $20.88/yr



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PositiveSSL Muti-Domain


How many Domains can connect:  3 Domains

What type of sites are they good for?: Great for E-commerce

Price: $29.00 /yr


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InstantSSL Pro


How many Domains can connect:  single Domain

What type of sites are they good for?: Great for Business

Price: $59.00 /yr  Now  $38.88 with up to 34% OFF


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EssentialSSL  Wildcard


How many Domains can connect:  single Domain

What type of sites are they good for?: Great for Business

Price: $99.90 /yr  Now  $70.88 /yr


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EV SSL with Green Bar


How many Domains can connect:  single Domain

What type of sites are they good for?: Great for E-commerce

Price: $145.90 /yr  Now  $78.88 /yr


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PositiveSSL  Wildcard


How many Domains can connect:  single Domain

What type of sites are they good for?: Great for Blogs and Personal Websites.

Price: $94.00 /yr  Now  $78.88 /yr


Go to sales Page



Check order extensions.



Do well to check for the best one that will suit you’re your business or personal websites.

For e-commerce, standard go for the green bar EV certs that will increase the customer trust, but if you are off budget, you can go for the insantSSL also Great for business.

Recommendation for a Personal website.

For a blog or personals website you can go for the positiveSSl cert it’s good, and it’s not too pricey you can get it for a fee of a cup of coffee.


Take a bold step Now and Protect your site from the nightwalkers and remember the less concerned is the most hunted.


And don’t forget to share this piece of information, because by sharing you can save 100 websites from crashing, so do good by sharing.



Have anything to say about this? Or you want to contribute by telling us the SSL you use? Comment and subscribe to receive updates on future comments from other visitors.

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