Unfollow Inactive Twitter Followers Using This Free Tools [Easily]

Looking for cool tools to unfollow inactive twitter followers?
Twitter is a platform to gain more visibility and promote brands.

It becomes a place where many organizations follow each other’s daily to increase their followership and promote their brands.

In this somewhat Large community, how do you make sure you keep your Twitter account clean?


You treat it as you treat your home.

If your home is clean you will have power people and lovely friends come to visit you.

You do it because you want to keep your environment in order and keep great family and friends coming to visit you.

The same thing goes for keeping your Twitter account cool and to attract more decent people to follow you.

I have noticed that some people just follow you for you to follow them back and they are never tweeting or re-tweeting events.


I consider them as “noise makers” or “Quite followers” on my follower’s list.


What brought about how to unfollow inactive twitter followers?


I did a slight research on how to keep such people away from the environment.

To maintain your account, also to know who has been active for days and who is not active.

Hence, you can remove them in bulk or one-by-one using the tools I will list below.


Pay close attention to the list and make sure you use them as your handy tool.



Free tools to unfollow inactive Twitter followers Easily


1 CrowdFire

CrowdFire is one of the best tools that allow you to unfollow inactive twitter followers.

It filters inactive users based on their active time on twitter.

This tool has both paid and free plans since you are looking to unfollow inactive Followers using the tool. The free plan is a nice option to use.


How to use Crowdfire to unfollow inactive followers on Twitter.

Visit Crowdfire.com and create an account to login with your twitter account using the get started button.

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navigate to “manage” on the top left-hand side of the current dashboard.

Are you seeing your followers already?

Click on “inactive followings” as seen in the image below.


Unfollow Inactive Twitter Followers


Now from the top, the time frame is a 1-month default, you can change It by clicking on the button and select your preferences from the drop-down menu.

You can now start to unfollow the inactive members.



2 Untweeps

This tool is made to unfollow twitter users inactive for a period.

The allows you to scan 7500 users only from your account and straightforward. If you have over 7500 followers, then it calls for you to upgrade to a pro plan.


How to use untweeps.

Visit untweeps.com

Click on “sign in with Twitter” and authorize your account to allow untweeps to get the list of people following you.


Unfollow Inactive Twitter Followers

Set number of days of accounts that you want to know if they are inactive.


Now click on “lets stale accounts” and there you go the list has been scrapped for you.

You can now start to unfollow them based on their activities or use the check all button to unfollow all inactive twitter accounts.

That’s it.



3 ManageFlitter


This tool has a little similarity with Crowdfire. It is a twitter app that allows you to unfollow twitter followers who are not active for a long period.


This tool can be used to do some multi-tasks which include


  • Look for twitter accounts with no profile picture
  • Auto publish Your google plus posts to twitter
  • List of twitter followers in your account who tweeted different languages other than English.
  • you can know who is Talkactive or Quite

Great tool right?


Now let’s use it to unfollow the users who are no longer active in your account.


To use the tool just go to manageflitter.com and log in using your twitter account.

After doing the above head over to your dashboard and navigate to manage > unfollow and select inactive from the sidebar as seen in the image below.



Now you can start by unfollowing them one by one.

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That’s all I know for now, Do you know any that can perform same tasks above? let us know.

I hope the above tools help you filter your account successfully.


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