PayPorte Affiliate Program Review : How To Make Money Using PayPorte Affiliate System.

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In today’s post, we will Understand how to make money with PayPorte affiliate Program in Nigeria.

Am sure in My last post promised to share What affiliate Program means and how to become an affiliate marketer, but that’s not the case I will giving you an eBook that will help you develop your mind in it.(click here to start your download its free)
So let me give you a quick trip to where you want to land.

Here we are talking about PayPorte affiliate program and don’t forget to download the affiliate marketing Guide.

It’s nice and cool to know you want to make money online using the PayPorte affiliate program, well before you go on.

About PayPorte affiliate.


PayPorte is Nigerians preferred online retail store for the quality of products and with Operational offices across the United States of America, the United Kingdom and in China, they have been able to deliver on their brand promise; To deliver quality and economical products and benefits to its customers.

PayPorte wasn’t meant to be a company. E-commerce was just growing up in Nigeria and as Software Developers, we thought it would be a great idea to build an E-commerce system suitable for Nigeria. Our plan was to sell it as a product. I like to call this PayPorte 1.0.

Soon we realized we could do this as a business. That’s how we migrated to PayPorte 2.0. When I say 2.0, I mean when PayPorte kicked off as an online retail store on the 25th of September 2014.


By MD and CEO of PayPorte

PayPorte introduced the affiliate program to speed up sales on market and to make sure people can earn from them by referring more customers.

Introduction to PayPorte affiliate Affiliate Program.


Joining the PayPorte affiliate system, you can generate millions and thousands of naira, by sharing and referring affiliate products online on your blog/site, Social Media and as updates via email. PayPorte pays 5 to 10% for every product Purchases through your Affiliate Link.

I went through the affiliate system and verified if they are active or not, but to my surprise, it was active than some affiliate system in Nigeria. Just as Jumia and Konga Affiliate program, you can join PayPorte and make yourself some chunk of money. Making Money Online Has just Got easier with PayPorte affiliate programme




How the affiliate system works.


«  It’s free to join

«  Earn ₦1,000.00 on registration

«  Earn 5% – 10% commission on sales

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«  Enjoy 30-day cookie length

«  Individual technical support from PayPorte team

«  Weekly updates on ongoing promotions & offers

«  Eye-catching branded banner advertisement in  all standard sizes

«  Choose from a wide variety of quality products and brands.



How To sign up for PayPorte affiliate program.




Signing up is easy


>>Visits the PayPorte sign up page (click here to sign up (click here to sign up)

>>Fill in the necessary pieces of information required by payporte

>>Use as the “Referral email” on the sign-up page

>>Choose your affiliate Category and promote your affiliate then start earning yourself some commission.


How to promote your PayPorte affiliate Link and Products. [Must Read]



After signing with PayPorte affiliate program the next step is to know how to Promote your link and products online and am going to share you with you some vital information and guide that will help you achieve your goal as a PayPorte affiliate user.


These Quick tips are very IMPORTANT! Make sure you read and apply at least or three methods.

  1. Place Banners on your site.

One of the best ways to promote your affiliate link is by posting or adding the banner on your blog if at all you have any. Banners work like magic to visitors only when it is being placed on the right part of the blog.


  • placing them in the footer
  • Placing the banner below every content on a blog
  • Placing them in the sidebars
  • Write Useful content about some products on PayPorte and direct them to buy through your link.


  1. Use your email list. [Recommended]

Yes, email list campaign is now getting handy day by day, it’s one of the most profitable way affiliate marketers make money.

Do send your email subscribers updates about new and trending products from PayPorte, you can also create a simple guide on how to purchase a product on PayPorte and attach it to the email, that’s just how you convert them to your buyers.

If you do not have an email list don’t worry about it there are other options to promote your link. but email list is highly important for affiliate marketing and other online marketing.
You can start from 0 to 20,000 and millions depending how much time you invest building it.

This might sound unserious but its really the truth, I have never heard or seen this conversation that says.



Father: Son when I retire from my business you inherit my 100m email list to carry on.
Son: Thank you, Father, that is a great gift.



I don’t think it ever happened.

You just have to start from level one every top blogger and internet marketer also did the same before getting millions of subscribers.

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Click here to start your first email list with GetResponse and thank me later. I bet you will never regret doing so.
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Apart from Getresponse, there are other free email marketing tools you could use to get started, tools like

  • Mail munch
  • FeedBurner By Google
  • And so on.

Get one to start your first 1000 email list with the free tools



  1. Create promotional ads.

Promotional ads are one of the best ways to drive customers and make more affiliate sales, with this method you spend to get or nothing for you that’s it

But how do you start the promotional ads and where do you post them?



  1. a) Target audience on Facebook using the right products.


1.b) twitter AD. Use trending #hash tags to convert more sales.


  1. C) Instagram ADs.



PS: make sure you have every product detailed before promoting them on social media.



  1. Social Media Share.

Another way is to share the affiliate links linking to a product on PayPorte store, If you are good in writing controversial topics, then it’s easy to make your friends on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and telegram to use your last links to buy kinds of stuff from you.



  1. Use the PayPorte deep linking feature.

PayPorte has a deep linking feature which allows you take visitors straight to the product on your site.

Not sure what deep linking means?

Here is a quick Bit.



deep linking is a hyperlink that specific, searchable or indexed, a piece of web content on a website
(e.g., ““), rather than the website’s home page
(e.g., ““).

So use the deep linking feature to drive more sales.


  1.  Stay updated
    Visit the coupon page every day for new updates and coupon code and also Log in to your dashboard often to make sure everything is in order and no issues occurring






I believe you have plans for making money online using this PayPorte affiliate program, if not you wouldn’t have read this far, sign up with PayPorte affiliate program now and earn don’t forget to use this ( as the referrer email address.

You can get this free guide that will help through the journey of affiliate marketing.
Hope to see you on the next post have a great day.



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