On page optimization Techniques.

On page SEO: Why you should practice it.

what is on page optimization?
Onpage Optimization ( A.K.A On-page SEO)
This is an SEO  that is done within the website, it refers to all the optimization inside the website to improve it’s ranking and position on the SERPS.
On-page SEO Techniques

on page SEO optimization techniques.

1 Blog post Titles.
2 keywords research.
3 internal linking.
4 permalinks.
5 content branding.
Blog post titles
In on page SEO, you need to consider using optimized blog title, a blog title describes and gives insight on how and what the blog post is all about, using more than 65 characters to describe your blog post Titles.

Google recommends using characters that are less than 65 characters.

Blog post titles are the head of post every post which means they control the visitors mind.

When you write blog post Titles make sure it is able capture the mind of a passerby visitors this makes them to read the article even if they don’t want to read the article.
Wrap up your blog post title with the H1 tag.
Don’t write decisive blog post titles as they may lead into consequences of Barn or report by visitors. Always write truthful and eye-catching Titles.

Proper Keyword research

If you want to rank in google for more exposure, to make money and to share you niche. It all starts with the Keyword Research surrounding your niche and the On Page SEO once you find the right keywords if you pick random keywords to rank on Google they may have high competitions or low value and even low CPC.
How do you find the right keywords?
To find the right keywords there are many tools provided online, in which we have paid and free tools.
These tools can be used to find relevant keywords for a particular subject.
They include
Long-tail pro -paid
Keywordtool.io(free but don’t rely on it)
Google AdWords tool (free but don’t rely on it)
For great and better results Long-tail pro is the Best.
Go for it.
Finding Long-tail keywords:
What are long tail keywords?
How do you get to know them?
To find Long-tail keywords you need this
Long tail keywords are usually 2 to three maximum phrases that has low competition in the search engine when compared to other keywords that already exists.
Example of this keyword 
“business” or “book” 
may take a very long time for a certain article to rank in the search engine for each of the keywords listed above because of it’s high competition on the search engine.
Not withstanding, using keywords that are less searched terms on Google will give rise to your article demand.
Examples are
“Marketing for your local Business”
“Ultimate Books in 2017”
What role dose Long Tail keyword play in SEO?
Long Tail keywords are the backbone of every articles you write, if you don’t consider using Long Tail keywords, then just keep it in mind that you are writing for robots because users don’t seem to search for the keywords you chose.
Organic traffic won’t come flooding to your blog unless you find the right keywords for the excerpt that you are writing.
Long tail keyword Grant’s you authority to rank in keywords that are relevant.
Get to know where your keyword should fit in when writing an excerpt.
keywords should be placed 2 to 3 times in the first 100 words and make sure they go in line with the right phrases
When you search for a term on Google search it displays about 50 to 60 characters on a search engine result page, however there is an SEO ranking factor which limits the amount of characters the title of an article to 60 characters and below.

Internal Linking

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An internal link is one that points to another page on the same website.
Internal links can point to product or other articles on a single page. Every link has it’s own destination.
For more illustrations please read: how to write anchor tag.


A permalink (A.K.A permanent link ) is a URL that remain unchanged for many years into the future, giving a hyperlink that is likely to damage.
Permalinks are often rendered simply as friendly URLs, so as to be easy for people to type and remember.
Permerlinks links are important part of SEO as to both visitors and search engines to remember the URL destination for a particular article.
The structure of a permalink must be clean and clear for both search engines to access and remember.
A page permalink could be:
It can be something like this:
WordPress uses a default permalink that is not SEO friendly.
This can be corrected by Yoast SEO plug-in
Difference between healthy unhealthy links to search engines.
Healthy links are clean, distinct, easy to read and  remember
unhealthy links are ugly and contain generic characters like under score, question marks, the percentage symbol. Which is hard for humans and search engine crawlers to understand.
The above URL looks ugly and crappy so never consider using them, because the permerlinks and the will be ingnored by crawlers. (Google bot).
Content Optimization
To create optimized content,
First of all, determine what you want to achieve for your content and decide what seed keyword your page will focus on.
From a strategic perspective, start out with your most important pages.
Second, do your research. Identify who your target audience is and what they actually want.
Write about what you promised regarding your blog post title.
Do not write off page, if you are creating contents regarding to MONKEYS, don’t mislead your visitors to MOBILE PHONE, it makes no sense at all.
Be dynamic in your writing, avoid grammatical errors,
Tools that will improve your writing skill 

Free when registered through referral link.
Free 14 days plagiarism tool is disabled.
This are two top writing tools used mostly an 99% accurate and they fix mechanical issue in writing.

Take away
-Write optimized Blog post Titles and avoid incomplete sentences
-Do keywords research to find valuable keyword seeds and use them the right way
-Do internal linking effectively, it improves your SEO score card and searches position.
-write clean and understandable permalinks.
-Do content branding often to enhance the readability and avoid simple errors.
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-Make sure your mobile pages are user and SEO friendly.

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