How To Make Money With Namecheap Affiliate Program Easily

Ever want to make money from Namecheap affiliate program?


Namecheap affiliate program has a lot to offer to you as an affiliate marketer.

it feels a lot better when you have a nice and high paying affiliate company that you have signed up for.

That’s what everyone loves, including me, yes I won’t hide it.

I really do love great and high paying affiliate programs, most especially the ones that keep their promises and fulfill them.

Namecheap affiliate is such, and they pay as delivered.


So let’s get to know the company you want to deal with here.


About Namecheap


Namecheap was founded in the year 2000 by Richard Kirkendall.

He had it in mind to give value to businesses and stellar services.

Today Namecheap is an ICANN accredited domain and hosting registrar around the globe.


Namecheap has over 2 million customers and over 5 million domains registered.




What’s up with the Namecheap affiliate program?


Namecheap affiliate program is very to use and you earn money by referring new customers to sign up and buy products.


Namecheap affiliate program pays you a commission for each item sold out to new customers you referred to them using your unique affiliate ID.


They offer tools that will help you get users to sign up with them.

These tools include access to their video tutorials, ad banners, rich text and all the sorts for the ease of making your affiliate journey with them a successful one.




What’s the commission rate for each user/prospect sent?


Namecheap pays you for every item purchased as listed below with their commission rates attached to it.

Namecheap affiliate Program commission rate starts from 20%-30%.


And these are the list of products you can promote to earn that commission.


  • Domain registration/transfer
  • WhoisGuard subscription services
  • Onepager
  •  Email plans
  • SSL certificates


All of the commissions above are duly authorized within 30 days of product purchase via your affiliate tracking link.




There are certain rules that you need to follow to earn successfully with Namecheap affiliate program.


If you ever sign up for an affiliate program before?


then you must have gone through their terms and conditions expressed usually in the bottom of the site or as an email message.


However, the terms and conditions won’t stop you from earning potential incomes from the affiliate program.

Following their terms will strengthen your trust and will also not limit the amount you can make from the program.

Follow the at to read the terms and conditions.



How is your affiliate sign up qualified to earn?

Users referred by you to Namecheap must complete an action in buying any of the services Namecheap offers.

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Ranging from products like web hosting packages down to email account registration.

Once the user purchases a product from Namecheap successfully.


Your commission will be credited to your Namecheap affiliate wallet.




How Do you Now withdraw the money?

All commissions credited must complete maturation within the next 30 days of product buy.


Accounts will be credited with the lowest or higher threshold set via the payment control page.

During Sign up, you can set the currency to your local currency e.g. For Nigeria set it to NGN from the sign-up page.


Making Money with the affiliate company is so damn easy as you think.


Now that you know how Namecheap affiliate program works.


get you to sign up real quick.


How can you sign up?


This is the list of basic tools you need to get started.


If you don’t have any of the items listed above.

Go and create each of them.


Do you have all the basic tools?


How To Sign Up


Step 1 Visit

Step 2 Navigate to “Affiliate” tab from the Namecheap website footer.



Affiliates- Affgrowth



Step 3 on the next page click on “Apply Now”

Step 4 From the next page select your preferred affiliate manager by clicking on “Enroll here”.



Step 5 Now from this page, fill in your personal information for your “Namecheap affiliate” account and wait for approval messages.



The approval process is within 2 to 3 business days.


During this time your dashboard will not be active until the account is fully active.


Account approved what next?

Yeah, its time to make some really cool cash.


How do you make money from Namecheap affiliate program?


If you have signed up for the affiliate program.


Congratulations, because you are just two or more steps away from earning with the Namecheap affiliate program.

Making Money from the program is easy.

if you have the tools in paragraph 2 of this article.

If you do not have any of those, you can go and get them right away.

Maybe its too late or not but you can still make it.


Here you learn diverse methods on how to promote your Affiliate Link and bank some cash into your account.


How’s that even possible?

Wait on.

I will show you how.


Joining an affiliate program seems like self-employment.

Yours are own boss, you control whether you will earn or not.


In affiliate marketing what the merchants want from you is to deliver more customers.

They are never satisfied with it. That’s the secret.

Now that you know.

Let’s get to the head start.

If you are looking for a topmost place to promote your Affiliate Link.

They are as listed below.


1. Your Blog/Website

You can make sales from your blog by placing the custom ad or text Link banners on your Blog Or Website.  on the sidebars top bars, footer column.

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And can also serve as inline ads which are easily done by using ad inserters on WordPress.

The advanced ad plugin can serve you better.


2. Email Subscribers

This method of promoting is recommended by Namecheap.

Also, it is one of the things you need to have as an affiliate marketer who wants to drive more sales.


You can promote your affiliate link by sending the best deals from Namecheap simply coupon code as link text.

It is advisable that you add a little line of at least 100 to 150 words.

This to interpret what you are sending to the user.



Don’t send email updates every day.

The recommended practice is by sending the updates twice a week or 3 times a month.

All emails must not be affiliate Link or product.

It can be a blog post update that leads them straight to an article that solves a problem.

Then in your next mail, you can include the affiliate link. If possible let it relate to the earlier mail you sent.


3.  Social Media.

Facebook and Twitter are one of the largest online platforms where you interact, sell products and meet new friends.


All roundup. Facebook and Twitter have over 1billion active users daily.

With which you can reach out to.


But then how is possible to even get 1% out the 1bln people active?


Oh, that’s possible, you can cut 1% daily and make affiliate sales.

This method is called social media advertising. It is one easy to make money from affiliate sales.


How do you advertise on social media?

Simply set up your content via your blog.

Write a copy that you will use as the intro for the content.

The contents could be a review or Tutorial that could lead sales.

Now set-up your add, make sure to include a descriptive image. It will serve as another magnet.

Then HIT Publish. That’s all just sit back and watch the traffic roll in.



Never!  Run the social media ads and add a direct affiliate link.

This will happen if you do.

  • Affiliate commissions Will not count.
  • People will NOT click the link since they know you are running ads for an external product.



Run ads leading to your site, or a particular post.

From your blog post, you can now use contents to show them exactly what you advertised.

Social media platforms that are easy to use for free and paid traffic include.


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Medium
  • Reddit. and more…




Are you still waiting to make money online with the Namecheap affiliate program?

Noe that you know what it takes,
There is no time to waste here.


What’s the point in learning without any action taken?


The only way it will work is by investing time curiosity.


Simply Go to the sign-up page and start Now!

Whats your experience with the affiliate program so far?

Please, we’d like to know.

My experience is that they don’t delay in making affiliate commission valid.

Written by Yusuf Bitrus

I'm a Digi-Preneur, Affiliate Marketer, SEO intermediate and Blogger by heart.
I Help bloggers and business by writing and providing solutions digitally via my blogs, social media, and online/offline events.

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