MTN Affiliate Program Review: Earn by selling airtime with MTN 2018 wallet

Introduction to affiliate program.


What is affiliate program?


Affiliate programs are an associate program, an agreement in which an online merchant, websites, organizations, pays affiliate websites, merchants, an organization to send traffic to their sites which results in sales.

An affiliate post links on their website her website and social media accounts to promote their links.



The agreement between the merchant and affiliate is determined by the number of users the affiliate sends to the merchants, organization. Or the number people they who buy from the merchant or organization.


But each user must do an action before the affiliate get paid for the sum of users he or she sends to the affiliate merchant.
Some affiliate merchants pay based on the number of users they send to a particular link or product.
Let’s get to a stop. (Am just kidding)


Will post a detailed article pertaining What affiliate program means and how to become an affiliate marketer.
This is quick understanding of what an affiliate marketer operates.

But before that let’s know what  “MTN affiliate Program”  means and how to start one and earn money as an individual.

What is MTN affiliate program?


Does MTN pay their own customers for working with them?

That was the same question I was asking myself.

Early 2018 MTN started an affiliate program that pays you 2% per each successful sales made by you.


Is 2% percent small or Big for a commission rate?

Let’s get calculator into a display.

Let’s take for example

NOW If you send 20 people per day and the number of services, these people buy from you is 20,000.

20,000×0.02 = 400

Your sale for the day is 400

400×30 days =12,000.

12,000 is the monthly earning

you can be selling recharge card and earn lower than 2,000/month, but with MTN 2018 wallet you can earn more than just 12,000/month guaranteed.

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Not poor for the sale.

This Affiliate program called 2018 wallet brought to you by MTN, I call it everyone can earn affiliate program because one can easily join and make a commission for each sale made.

With this wallet you make your sales count by selling MTN and Airtel airtimes to people and the sales don’t have a fixed amount daily.
Which means unlimited.



How do you sign up for this wallet?


Signing up is WAYY easier than you think

To make everything easier,  MTN introduced a special USSD code *2018#, for an easy sign-up process.

This code works For MTN customers only, so if you want to get started you need to have an MTN Sim card registered.

To open this wallet, Dial *2018# on your MTN line.

After it has completed initialization, see the on-screen action and finish sign up, MTN will let you know with a message that you can now sell Airtime & Data to Airtel and MTN customers and earn yourself some commission.


MAke MOney with MTN 2018 Wallet



After that, you need to fund your created wallet with some sum of money.

This is necessary or else you won’t be eligible to sell airtime&data with the created wallet.

How do you Fund your Wallet?

You need a GTBank account, if you do not have one, you can ask from a reliable buddy(friend) to support his or her own account.


Dial *737*50*ammout*2018# and reply with your MTN wallet phone Number e.g. 07014445263, 0905498789 and then send.

You can use your phone if you have the GTbank account registered with your MTN line.

If you do not have, you tell your friend to dial the code and credit your account.

Key pieces of information to know about the MTN 2018 wallet.



When you dial the USSD code *2018#f or the first time there is a menu that pops up just like the one below on the image

Just reply with 1 and send then the next pop up will show like this one below in the image.


MTN 2018 Wallet




as seen on the menu above

when you reply with 1

1: MTN airtime & data that is you want to sell to MTN subscribers only.

2:  Airtel airtime and data.
That is if you want to sell to Airtime and  Airtel subscribers.

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3:  For a new agent registration.

That just an add-on but if you want to know more about how it works, you can call the MTN customer care for them to elaborate more on the agent registration.

4: You can only use it when you have forgotten your wallet pin.

That is to reset the old pin you’re using to a new one or to reset it if forgotten.

5: To check your wallet balance and transactions for the present day.

6: is to get help from the customer care or more steps on how to use the wallet.


Final Words

Now you know about the MTN 2018 wallet, you need to be more considerate whether you are ready to start or not.



1. Don’t spend your income from the wallet until the end of the month.

If you are a businessman or woman interested to start the wallet airtime selling, you need to consider looking for a good place where to position your banner and where people can locate you.

For students in the institution you need to work hard, make sure everyone knows you are selling both off campus and on campus, this will help maximize your daily sales and keep your business minded with the wallet.


2. Do not sell on credit apply, a system such as “pay and you get” and not “pay as you get.”


Business only gets better if your friends and family pay. The ones that pay for every service are a good friend and the best friend ever.

Be rest assured that if you sell on credit, your business will not boom.


3. Introduce bank transfer if it involves a large chunk of money, like from N2,000 And above. To keep the sharp eyes off your market this tip is for the campus students mainly, you know how it happens on the campus.



That’s all for the MTN 2018 wallet.

I hope you take a bold step and help your financial needs.

More review on money making ideas coming your way.

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Hope to you see soon…

Written by Yusuf Bitrus

I'm a Digi-Preneur, Affiliate Marketer, SEO intermediate and Blogger by heart.
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