How to submit your site to Google Search Console (step-by-step Guide)

Welcome here in this post I’d be showing you how to submit your site to Google search console known as Google webmaster tool.

First before we proceed to the main content i’d love to show why it’s important to submit your site to Google search console.
Here are some important reasons you need to submit your site to Google search console.

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๐Ÿ‘‰Google search console allows you to enlist your site, and its content on Google searches that people can find it, when a particular keyword are being searched for on Google.
๐Ÿ‘‰ when your site is already on search results , this tool maintains the position and sends feedback in visual and text method, the results are being shown on the dashboard. You will get to know more when you sign up for and submit your site.
๐Ÿ‘‰ It’s is one of the most important part of SEO (search engine optimization), and very important because when you talk about traffic I mean organic traffic not some bot traffic, Google provides real user’s that you want them to read your content or buy your product on the go when you submit your site there is a lot of chances of getting this organic traffic to your blog/website to purchase your product or services.
๐Ÿ‘‰ this nifty tool sends you the query result of how your contents are doing on Google.
Awesome explanations right?
Now let me show you the real deal.
But before we continue, I’d like to explain terms we will be using here.
==> sitemap: this is the main map of your site, it shows all the content your blog/content has from the newest to the old article. And it allows you to submit all your content to Google.
==> sitemap-pages: this allows you to submit your pages to Google
==> atom: this allows you to submit your blog article to Google.
==> GSC: Google search console
==> HTML: hyper text markup language

Here are two (2) stages and few steps to submit and verify ownership of your site.

Stage 1
Step 1
First  you need to have a Google account.
Create one if you don’t have.
then you can head over to the  GSC webmaster tool sign up page.
Step 2
Click on add property
Now insert your blog URL into blank box beside the add property button.
Add your site URL

Note: If your site is using SSL certificate
Make sure you type in the complete URL.

For example
Change “” to your own site name.
and click on continue after you have inserted the URL of your blog/website.
Step 3
After the submission of your URL you will be asked to verify ownership of the site using different options.
Select HTML tag
Step 4
After selecting HTML method you will be given some HTML code.
All you have to is copy the code and save it on a text editor.
Step 5
Now create a new tab and log into your blogger dashboard and then select the blog you submitted to Google.
Step 6
Now scroll down and click on Theme >> click on EDIT HTML
Step 7
Find the code <head> 
go to your text editor where you saved the code and copy it.
Now paste the  code below or or after <head> tag
Step 8
Go back to the webmaster tools tab and then click on  the verify button.
And that’s all you need to do in stage 1
Now heading to Stage 2 
In stage 2 you are going to be submitting your blog sitemap so that your articles can get on the search result of Google.
Don’t worry it is easier than you think.
Let’s get started
Step 1 
Go to your Google search console dashboard 
Step 2
select the new domain you submitted
Step 3
Scroll down the page until you can see sitemap and click on it
Step 4 
At this time it is empty because you have not submitted any site map yet
To submit one go to the next step
Step 5
Click on add a new sitemap and copy the site map URL here and submit them one by one 
Sitemap image
  1. Sitemap.xml
  2. sitemap-pages.xml
  3. atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=501&max-results=1000
After submitting all the sitemaps then you have to wait for your contents to get indexed by Google this process usually takes up to 24 to 48 hours so be patient
Have any questions? Don’t forget to drop your comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Written by Yusuf Bitrus

I'm a Digi-Preneur, Affiliate Marketer, SEO intermediate and Blogger by heart.
I Help bloggers and business by writing and providing solutions digitally via my blogs, social media, and online/offline events.

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