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Bing is a search engine is owned and operated by Microsoft LLC. This search engine is as
MSN Search, Windows Live Search and later Live Search.

Bing image

Bing helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing.

This search engine has a webmasters tool like Google search console tool.

What we are looking forward to doing in this tutorial is on how we can submit your website free without paying a dime, you can do this yourself

Why do you want to submit your site to bing?

Basically, you need it for organic search visit.

Before you start, please believe in yourself and there you go, you can do everything that is possible.

I did this with no one helping me so I see no reason you cannot do the same thing.

Always remember to keep calm before starting any tutorial be it here or elsewhere.

Here is how to submit your domain to this nifty tool.

=>Step 1

Create a Microsoft account.

Creating an account on Microsoft is just like creating a Google account, you use one account to log in to another account such as Google+, AdSense, Gmail, play store etc.

Microsoft account has the same feature

You can access other Microsoft services.

  • Play online games on Xbox
  • Login to live mail
  • Buy products from Microsoft online

Signing up for Microsoft account is just more than you think.

Don’t use fake details as you may need this account in future.

Use the email sign up choice it is fast and easy, after creating the account confirm it before you start.

If you previously have an account, there is no need for signing up
Just head to bing webmaster tool and sign in with your Microsoft account.

=>Step 2

Submitting your domain name.

After login in you will see your first webmaster page blank which will be empty without a property on it.
As for the image here you can see I have once submitted my site that is why the dashboard is not blank.

Submitting your domain

Before you submit your domain name, you need to put fact ahead. It is very important.

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•When submitting your site make sure you submit the full URL, not the subdomain.


√√√ Use
If your site does not have http2 enabled (SSL certificate)

√√√ Use

This to avoid an invalid submission.

Now fill in your domain name in the box and click the add button as stated in the image below.

=>Step 3

a new page With the add sitemap option will open.

you can always add the sitemap later.
But if you prefer adding it now, okay.
Click add to continue.

=>Step 4

Verify that you own the domain.

To verify the ownership of your domain, you will be provided with meta tag along without Cname record and DNS record.

Copy Cnmae and DNS server code image

Now copy the meta tag
Go to your blog dashboard click on theme>edit HTML

Then use the CTRL+F to find  <head>

paste the meta tag below it and save your theme

=>Step 5

Adding bing same record.

To add bing Cname record or DNS record, you need to access your domain client area (Cpanel)

•Login your domain provider

•Click on your domain name

•Select manage DNS records.

=>Step 6

Copy the Cname record that was given by the bing webmaster tool.

add it to your Cname records and save it
Go back to Bing webmaster tool and verify the ownership.
 [May take some minutes so be patient and await authorization]

After verifying configure your domain, submit your sitemap. (if you haven’t done that yet)

Bing will automatically index your pages or you can submit your page one by each for fast index.


There is a limit to the amount URL you can submit.

To avoid mistakes and misconfiguration you can hire me to submit and configure your site professionally for just $15 PayPal.

For Facebook buddies and Nigerian residents, you can request for my bank details.

Written by Yusuf Bitrus

I'm a Digi-Preneur, Affiliate Marketer, SEO intermediate and Blogger by heart.
I Help bloggers and business by writing and providing solutions digitally via my blogs, social media, and online/offline events.

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