How to share your blog post to your social networks using dlvr it.

My name is yosuf bitrus the CEO of zethag tech blog.
Today many up coming  bloggers have being wondering of how they are going 
To build more traffic for there blog there
is just a few steps to that, you will just have to be patient while I put you through    

 Step 1 Click/touch here

 Step 2 click the sign up button sign up with  your Facebook Twitter 
 or e-mail account.

  Step 3 add your site link by clicking on the   add  new feed botton

 Step 4 now locate the the connect to socials 

NOTE: you can add not more than three socials except you are a premium member

 Step 5 now go to your blog and start posting you don’t need to stress your self out just sit back watch do its automate postings.

Don’t forget to comment below in the comments box. Have a nice day happy blogging

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Written by Yusuf Bitrus

I'm a Digi-Preneur, Affiliate Marketer, SEO intermediate and Blogger by heart.
I Help bloggers and business by writing and providing solutions digitally via my blogs, social media, and online/offline events.

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