How To Move your Domain To Namecheap From Another Domain Registrar [A step-by-step Guide]

P:S note that Namecheap moves your domain discount has expired henceforth, this content serves for the purpose moving your domain to Namecheap from other domain registrars only with a step-by-step guide.

Namecheap moves your domain will be served as a notice to those who wish to do it next year.

But you don’t want to waste your time waiting a whole lot of months before moving your domain to Namecheap.


Do you Want to move your domain to Namecheap at a total price of $10?!

As HostGator, Bluehost and dream host will offer you best service to move the domain, so does Namecheap and they all offer best domain uptime and service support 24/7 round the clock.



Is it possible to move my domain to Namecheap before it expires?


Yes! of course, it is very possible.

Clicks here and proceed with my step by step guide to doing so. It won’t redirect you, it will only take you to the sub-topic.

Best of luck.



Is your domain about to expire?
Is it remaining a month?
2 weeks?
3 days?


What’s Namecheap annual MoveYourDomainDay has got to do with your domain end date?


What is MoveYourDomainDay?

Okay let me tell you what,

Namecheap continues their long annual MoveYourDomainDay, this campaign started 2011 the on this day Namecheap moved about 32k plus domains on this day in 2011.

So they bring it with lots of packages and going to take place 6 of March starting from 12 am CAT and it ends in 24hrs.

Namecheap will offer $3.98 USD oh did I say $3.98? Oh, yes!! Am damn correct about it, to move your domain with a free one-year unlimited email and positiveSSL support.

wait that’s not all,

your domain will run for a full year without renewal, hmmm that’s yet another opportunity to get your domain running for a year again.

This is the greatest opportunity for you to double your domain validity period to one year with free add-ons that will last for a whopping year no added cost no charges.

Just a minute another freebie?

Get your moved domain and protected by Namecheap with free whois guard.

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Let me show you something,

To move a domain to Namecheap cost $ 9.69,

An SSL normal price is $9.88/yr

Whoisguard costs $2.88/yr

All summed up to be $22.45 USD a year.

But Namecheap gives at the rate of $3.98 this means you are saving up to $18.47.

Thank the CEO of Namecheap for making you happy the way you are now


How To Move your Domain To Namecheap.


Its easy and you can do that yourself,

Well, let me help you through.



How to move your domain name to Namecheap from another registrar.

This is a step-by-step guide that will help you move your domain to Namecheap, so what I have you do now is to take a deep breath sip a cup of coffee and go ahead, which is better you have to calm your nerves down.

Step 1

Get your EPP/auth code from your domain registrar.

This is important because you can move your domain without that EPP code for the particular domain you want to move

Follow me through these steps as I show you how to do that with ease.

Step 2

Login to your domain registrar dashboard and select “manage orders” > “list search” 

Step 3

Select the domain which you want to get its EPP/Auth code.

Step 4

“Select domain secret”

A window will pop up with the EPP code, copy the code on the screen.

Save that on your text editor.

Step 5

Visit Namecheap and sign up for a new account if you already have one click here to login.

Step 6

after signing up with Namecheap navigate to the domain transfer area,

Or go to domain > transfer.



Step 7

Insert your domain in the search bar and click on transfer domain,

move your domain to namecheap

Step 8

Namecheap will then confirm if your domain is ready for transfer.

Step 9

After you have verified that the domain is available for transfer, proceed by putting your EPP code you copied earlier in the “authorization code” field and check everything as “yes to all“.




Step 10

Click on “add to cart” to and then “view cart button”


Step 11




move your domain to namecheap

From this place select 1 year and check the “SSL” and “whoisguard” option for domain protection (they are free as for the next few hours)
and uncheck the “auto-renew

Note: any service you add, that is not listed above, you will be charged for it.

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Step 12

Click on “confirm order” button,



Step 13

Select your payment gateway.

The payment methods they accept include:

PayPal, Bitcoin, Visa or MasterCard, etc.

Step 14

after payment is successful, Namecheap will redirect you to a page to confirm that your purchase was “successful”.

Step 15

Wait, a couple 2 to 3 hours and check your email for a link to complete your request for moving your domain to Namecheap (check your spam email to see if t was received).

In the email that was sent, click on “ I approve ” in the approval message.

You are not done yet, Read furthermore

Domain name transfer takes 4 to 6 days to complete, so during this time, I ask you to be patient while they process it.

If Namecheap has moved your domain, you will be notified with an email to let you know your domain was moved successfully.

To manage the domain you are transferring, in your Namecheap account navigate to Domain list > filters > pending.



Important NOTE.

When your domain is being moved from another registrar to Namecheap, the DNS zone settings remain unchanged.

Which means every setting are not automatically transferred together with the domain during transfer to Namecheap.

However, If you are using a third-party DNS server for your domain, you won’t experience any downtime issue.

but if you are still on your default registrar, then your site might experience downtime during this period of moving the domain, so to make sure everything is ordered, update your DNS zone via Namecheap to point to your domain to your server to avoid losing your traffic.

Another thing to note is that domains that are not up to 60 days or domains that were moved and are not up to 60 days cannot be moved except the 60 days has exceeded, so if your domain is new or not up to 60 days it was moved, you have to let it be, because ICANN policy states that “domains renewed or newly purchased must be 60 days old before it can be moved to another registrar

Let’s hope it works for you.

If you are having any issues moving your domain, feel free to contact my support email and I will help you move your domain for free am not charging you for the service.

Which way is the best way to move a domain to Namecheap? Which method has worked for you?

You can share with us by commenting thank you

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