How to Install a SSL Certificate On Your WordPress Site

Setting up a WordPress SSL certificate is not as complex as you think. It makes your visitors feel  confident when ever they pay a visit. while beautifying how the world views your site in search engines. Think of the expense as a way to enhance the marketing capabilities of your website. Your content could be more readily available in comparison to competitors just by having the SSL installed on the domain.y

How Much Are SSLs Per Year?

Cost of SSLs vary it depends on the platform you are looking forward to buy from. You need to make decisions on which platform you are buying from. For example, a standard certificate for personal and business websitesmight be  less when compared to higher security offered for eCommerce.

Installatione of SSL on Your WordPress Site
Installation of the WordPress SSL certificate is very much simple than that of Blogger. It doesn’t require much knowledge of coding i.e html. In just minutes , you can offer secure pages to your visitors while improving your online authority. While you could manually make changes for redirects, it’s much simpler if you utilize the right plugin.
Getting the SSL C/A
To start, you need to purchase the SSL from your hosting hosting provider. Not all Hosting services will allow you to transfer the certificate from third parties. Anyways it’s probably a very good idea  that you haven’t purchased one. If you have a different hosting plan, you could have been set up with the SSL as a default. You can find out by contacting your web hosting provider.

Installing the SSL
After purchasing the SSL C/A, you need to install it. You can do it by deciding  on which domain will have the certificate installed .If you have a hosting account with unlimited domains or maintain more than one website, you’ll need to decide which one among them is getting the new purchased SSL C/A.
a plugin can take a a lot of time on of work, out of using the SSL C/A for your site. It will automatically make the important changes once your certificate has been purchased. Some will set up the site just by activating the plugin without requiring additional input from yourself. Here are a few of the best SSL plugins for WordPress:
Really Simple SSL
Really simple does not require additional setup after installation and activation. It automatically makes changes to the .htaccess file if the SSL is detected on your site. You can also view the configuration settings of what has been controlled by the plugin.
CTW SSL for CLoudflare
If you use Cloudflare for your SSL installation, this plugin will automatically install all needed changes as well as prevent a common problem of redirecting loops. Its one of those plugins that will make the correct changes once it has been installed and activated.
WP Force SSL
WP Force SSL plugin is designed to prevent pages and posts from being accessed through HTTP rather than the secure HTTPS. It automatically redirects all traffic of your site to the correct certificate-driven content. This plugin will make the necessary adjustments for you.
Modifying Your WordPress Settings
After installing the plugin to manage your SSL, you will have to change the settings in WordPress. 
Go to the *Settings* section of your dashboard. You will see a box for *Site Address.* Make sure that your domain’s prefix shows *https.* This will help to redirect of your secure content and will  also solve a few problems with posts and pages not showing correctly.
Making  changes to the .htaccess Page Manually
 If you are making changesu to the .htaccess manually, the coding is simple. Just open the file in an editor page and input the following html yyyuulines:
<lfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond%{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]
It feels really good when you have visitors come back to your blog to collect more useful contents.  Just because of the maximum security. 
Happy blogging

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