How to Get AdSense Approved For Your Blog.

AdSense approval has been a major problem for bloggers  these days.
AdSense no longer approve blogs or websites easily, until you do some certain things that are compulsory and follow the Adsense Policy,
As it has been a must to have adsense approved for my blog, I decided to go for a research to See which country get adsense approval easily.
In my research I found out that US/UK are the most approved adsense account all over the web.
As a Nigerian Blogger if you really need adsense approval there is no trick at all for this the things you need to do before applying for Google adsense is to get a valid address.
NOTEGoogle still recognize Lagos as the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria So take the chance to look for valid Lagos address and this May be from your family or friends that lives over there.
For United States US residents
To get a valid US address use the mailbox address and zip Code provided  by shop to my door that’s all you need. you can get this address only if you register with them.
I was disapproved for Google Adsense not less than 3 (three) times in a row, that’s why I decided to go for this research which took me two months to figure this out and. But never forget that you also need quality content and not quantity , with clear and clean web navigation to get your blog approved.

How to Get  AdSense Approved For Your Blog.

Follow the below Steps carefully
The procedures below should be taken in order to get your blogger blog approved for Google AdSense
You must get a Custom Domain Name:
At default everyone on the blogger platform started with a domain which of course Google AdSense no longer approves, so before you apply for AdSense, make sure you must have gotten a custom domain e.g
 you can get domain names from freenom(free domains),
and and others… To get best and full listings of platforms you can get domain for your blogger blog?, google can be of service.
When you get the domain name and have linked it to your blogger blog, you shouldn’t immediately use it to apply for Google AdSense wait for three (3) weeks+. Under this three weeks work on your blog SEO and other factors that may improve your search and ranking factors to be presentable
Make sure that you have a good blog design and have your blog pages easy and clear to me navigate ; About, Contact, Privacy Policy Page and also make sure no page is left broken, i.e. when you get a third party blogger template, there are some links to pages that are mistakenly left  without being completely arranged
Now that you are ready to apply, follow the next step below on the application process
Step 1. Visit google adsense application page and Signup with your country valid Address details
and your city zip code
and accept their terms and policy.
Step 2
 You’ll  see a message  in this format “Thank you for applying for Google AdSense” We will review your application and inform you via mail
Step 3
Now all you need to do is wait for atleast 5 hours, sometimes it might take up to 10hours, then they will send you a message in this format!
Welcome to AdSense
Your application has been successfully reviewed. Now you need to create your first ad unit and place the ad code on to fully activate your account. Note that before your account is fully activated, only blank ads will appear on your pages. Once your account is fully activated, you’ll receive a confirmation email and begin to see live ads. Please don’t click on your live ads, even to test them — doing so isn’t permitted by the AdSense program policies.
                         Get started 
Now just as seen from the above screenshot, you will need to place a code from your Google AdSense dashboard and place it on your blog; below is how to do it.
Step 4
Login to your AdSense account, there is a code you would see on the homepage that is the code Google would use to fully approve your blog.

Copy that code from AdSense go visit here to parse the code and copy it and save it on your notepad.
 Step 5
Now, go to your blogger dashboard >> Click on theme—> Edith HTML use the CTRL+F to find this code
Now copy the code which you saved on your notepad and paste the code below or after the head tag.
and click save template
You can now go back to your adsense dashboard and click/check “I have pasted the code”.
Then click done
Step 6
You need to wait for google to send there bot to crawl your site this process actually takes usually 3 (three) days
When you check back after three days you should be able to get this message.
Your account is now fully approved.
Welcome to AdSense! We look forward to a long and successful partnership together.
If you’ve already paste the ad unit to your site, you’ll  see  ads, and can start earning money from your online content within a few hours.
Make sure to place AdSense ad units on every page you want to show ads. You can add your AdSense ad code to any new page or site that complies with our program policies at any time.
 Get started
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