How To Create A Simple Fiverr Gig

Fiverr is a social market place that facilitates the buying and selling of services from other users for US$5. depending on the type of service You render or goods you sell. 
After creating your fiverr account you don’t just sit back and get money into your wallet, you need to create a Gig which is going to help you grow up sales and number of customers.
Now for you to start earning you need to know how to Make a very simple, dynamic and unique fiverr Gig, this tutorial will guide you through. 
==>Step 1
Go to and sign in 
Input your username and password then check the remember me and hit the log in button.
Click remember me

==>Step 2
Type in your fiverr gig  topic inside the box shown and click on the search button at the top right corner 
You will see this screen 
Choose the category of your gig topic
==>Step 3
Now choose the category of your gig 
Find the best description of your gig and use as much words as you can
Fill the instructions Of the buyer
==>Step 4
Fill in the instructions for your buyer 
==>Step 5
Add the tags with the keyword that best describe your fiverr gig topics 
==>Step 6
Now you need to indicate the maximum day of your work delivery 
Make sure you give a time schedule which you can deliver your service/gig, don’t give a short time which You can’t cover or else You won’t be paid for your service if you fail to deliver within the time scheme You gave in the box. 
==>Step 7
Now add image to fit in your fiverr gig cover.
If your items are required to be shipped then check the shipping  Button.
Lastly hit the save button on the site.
If you want To add a Video to your fiverr gig all you have to do is to click the
Seller>>My Gigs then choose the Gig you want to add Video to and add it then click save.
That’s all…. now you can create fiverr gigs as you wish to…. 
Happy sales 

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