How to add widget to blogger layout

Some blogging applications, like Blogger and wordPress, use widgets to enable beginners without the knowledge of HTML or CSS to modify the design and content of their blogs using a simple point-click or drag-drop system through widgets. Widgets are most frequently used to customize blog sidebars and footer.
Blogger application has so many new and good widgets that allows you beautify your blog in a good way that best suits your visitors.

This is slot easier than you think 

Below are easy steps on how to add a widget to blogger. Just grab a cup of coffee/tea and read carefully.

==>  Step 1

The very first thing you need to do is to visist Blogger “”

==> Step 2

Now click on the Sign In Button which is found at the upper-right corner of your browser window.

==> Step 3

You can now log in with your login details. I.e your gmail account . If your Google account appears on the onscreen , click on it then enter your Google password and click on Sign in.

==>  Step 4

Now move your mouse to the top and Click on  if you are using a PC. for mobile do the same  by touching the icon closely located at your blog title at the top left  hand side which appears under the word “Blogger”

See screenshot below 

==> Step 5

Then all you have to do is to select your preferred blog from the drop-down menu.

==> Step 6

Then click on the title of the blog to which you would like to add a gadget to on any section like”Recent blogs” or “All blogs” sections.

==> Step 8

Now click on “Layout” which is located at left hand side of the window in the Blogger dashboard.

Scroll down and click on  Add a Gadget.(s)

==> Step 9 

Now select a button in the part of the layout where you want the gadget to appear, like the cross column or a sidebar.

==> Step 10

Scroll down and select a Gadget

==> Step 11
Click on Save. Located at the lower section of the dialog box.

==> Step 13

Click on Save arrangement. It’s an orange button in the upper-right portion of the browser window.

Now that you have saved your work go and see how amazing your blog is. 

Enjoy blogging and don’t forget to share this with your friends………..

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