HostGator Affiliate program Review : Earn Money for Domain Sales, Hosting, SSL

Introduction to Affiliate  Program

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Types of Affiliates


  • Unattached Affiliate Marketing
  • Related Affiliate Marketing
  • Involved Affiliate Marketing

Methods to promote your Affiliate Link.


The most effective Methods to promote your affiliate links are:


  • Email
  • Content
  • Banner ad
  • Social Media


Now that you know what affiliate marketing is and where to promote your affiliate, let me show how to sign up and earn your self some passive income.

If you read from the beginning to this end, count yourself lucky because you are going to sign up and start earning from one of the biggest and trusted affiliate program ever.


About HostGator.

HostGator is a Houston-based provider of shared, reseller, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting with an additional presence in Austin, Texas.

If you are a blogger you should have known them by now, HostGator is one of the best, fastest and most trusted Web hosting company.

Customer service: 009 1 713-574-5287

Headquarters: Houston, Texas, United States

Owned by: Endurance International Group

Founder: Brent Oxley
Year founded: October 2002

Okay now you know little about HostGator, after introducing them to you I’d like to show you what really brought you here and how to go about it.

Here I will be showing you

  • How affiliate Hostgator Program Works
  • Steps to apply.
  • If they are Legit or Not.


Introduction to HostGator Affiliate program

Hostgator affiliate program is one the choicest to enlist, they offer the finest client maintenance, pay in local cash, and receive quick confirmation.
Just like Namecheap and GoDaddy affiliate program, you can as well promote Hostgator and bank some cash easily

They have specialists always convenient to support affiliated purchasers.

There Is no cost for signing up as Hostgator affiliate. Each sign up has a great incentive.

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How to Make Money with Host Gator


Yes, you are here to learn how to make yourself some buck with HostGator affiliate program.

Let me present you a brief tip on how your gain will be.

Hostgator affiliate program functions  like this

They pay based on the number of successful sign-ups.

Here let’s do calculations

  • 1-5 sign-ups      =  $50
  • 6-10 sign-ups    =  $75
  • 11-20 Sign-ups  = $100
  • 21+ sign-ups     = $125

Here are the calculi.

If you send 21 successful sign-ups to Hostgator per month you will make $2,625

125×21 = $2,625

This how you hit the nail on its head.


How to Apply for Hostgator Affiliate Program

The registration process requires just some few steps

  • Sign-up
  • Apply
  • Accept and become approved
  • Promote your link
  • And make extensive sales.

Isn’t that remarkable?

Take me to that grand sign up page I wish to earn.

Not so fast

First, you need to sign up for impact radius.

You haven’t heard of the name impact radius, right?

Impact radius is an affiliate management platform.

Impact radius manages and keeps track of clicks and conversations their reports are real-time data that is why they are regarded as the strongest platform for affiliate management.

Companies like impact radius.

  • Commission Junction
  • VA links
  • Rakuten Affiliate and more…

=>Step 1

Click this link to sign up with impact radius, If you have already signed up before, click on “I already have an account” to proceed


Hostgator affiliate program review: Earn Money for Domain Sales, Hosting, SSL et More

If you finish signing up on impact radius continue to the next stride.

=>Step 2

apply for a Hostgator affiliate program with the impact radius link above, they will take you through the application.

=>Step 3

accept terms and await your approval message, this process usually takes up to 24 to 72 business hours.

Hippy-dippy you just applied for Hostgator affiliate program.

so what is the way forward?


See how to Promote your Hostgator affiliate Link


First, you applied, and you got approved.
That’s excellent but you desire to earn yourself money.

Ok! Tell me what to do.


Tasks you are required to do to earn.

Login to your impact radius dashboard, adequately you will see different banners with various sizes, here you will see your initial affiliate link.
All this are your affiliate tools

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Have you got your affiliate links and banners?



Here is how to promote them


You can start by writing an article on how to set up a blog or best web hosting site.

Feature Hostgator by using your original affiliate link as ref link, in this article you will have to convince your readers about the company.

mind you.

Self-experience will do well to improve your affiliate sales., you already notice what I mean by that.

I mean your success story will give you success in the sale, don’t lie about anything show them the proof of the previous payout if need be.

That is what visitors love these days.

Earlier I mentioned ways in which you can promote your affiliate link which includes:

Promoting your link via email
Writing Content to promote link (testimonials or review)


  • Placing of Banner ads on your website/blog
  • Promoting link on Social media
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Get more targeted traffic to your blog
  • etc, etc.


How to Withdraw your Hostgator earnings via Impact Radius.

You are promoting a company, you should get paid for doing the job and you are working to earn yourself some money.

Hostgator affiliate program review: Earn Money for Domain Sales, Hosting, SSL et More

As I said earlier Hostgator is very much different from other web hosting company because they pay in local currency which means you need not run helter-skelter for a PayPal account or other payment process.

When you reach your threshold, Just click on payment on your impact radius dashboard add your bank details and that’s the alert buzzing your phone, and email finds a way to your Inbox.

don’t forget to send my share☺☺… Enjoy your income and use.

You should read this

👉PayPal is now available for Nigeria users.




👉Don’t just walk away after reading this put into action what you read here.

Only those who take actions enjoy the internet money.

I’d like to see how far you have gone about your affiliate.

share your story of success we love to know and hear them.

Share this message with your friends don’t ignore.


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