Godaddy Affiliate program: How To Join and Earn High commissions Easily



Do you want to earn high affiliate commissions with Godaddy affiliate program?

If yes then am going to show you how that is possible in this article.

What are you going to learn?


  • About GoDaddy
  • Why should You join Godaddy affiliate program?
  • Who can Promote Godaddy?
  • How to Join Godaddy affiliate program and get fast approval.
  • Methods of promoting Godaddy affiliate product and earn.
  • Easy Way to withdraw your affiliate commissions.


About Godaddy.


Godaddy is one of the top sellers in the market of domain name and cheap but quality reliable web hosting packages.

The company and was founded in the year 1997.

It manages over 17 million customers and over 170 million domains around the globe. The company is located in the United States.



Why should You join Godaddy affiliate program?

Over the years companies have come up to beat half the standard of Godaddy. Other companies like Namecheap, Siteground, Bluehost and Hostgator have come up with competitive prices to make sure customers purchase products at a lower price.

You know what?

Godaddy has its unique selling point. They are paying customers and affiliates to get them customers and stay top in the competition. The affiliate program is one of the ways they get more customers.

Godaddy offers 15% as affiliate commissions for every product purchase from your affiliate.

Unlike Namecheap, you also get affiliate sales from domain name and SSL certificate purchase and it’s easy.


Who can Promote Godaddy?

Every niche is welcome to promote the market. It is site wide. But it will be hard/easy to make money from Godaddy for some of the niches that promote them.


The hard way.

Niche blogs like entertainment, real estate, and health. These set of a group will experience certain difficulty in making sales from the affiliate program. Since their audience is not looking forward to opening a website.

They come to check for gossips, house/apartment for sale and how to improve their health.

But there is a way to get over it.

I will explain it a little later in the article.

The easy way.

Niche blogs like review blogs, web design and tutorial blogs stand more chance of earning high commission from the affiliate program.


Why does it defer?

This is because they get audiences that are looking to start a blog or website. Definitely, they will like the offer and get through with it.



How to Join Godaddy affiliate program and get fast approval.

Joining the affiliate program has now become easy that anyone from any niche can get approved.  it has to do with other platforms.

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Godaddy affiliate program has now become bigger than ever.

To sign up for Godaddy affiliate program, you need an account with third-party affiliate managers.


Who are the Affiliate Managers?

What the affiliate managers do is to take care of links and keep a record of the users (me and you) and saves them for the merchant.

The Affiliate manager shows the amount persons you have sent, the number of clicks for a link and products successfully sold via your Affiliate Link.

CJ is one of the branch managers

Commission Junction is known as CJ Affiliates and we are going to make use of it throughout this article.


What will you be doing on CJ?

  • First, you are going to sign up on CJ.
  • Secondly, you will apply for GoDaddy affiliate.
  • Thirdly, once you get approved, it is on CJ that you will get banners and text links that you will promote on your blog and make some money.
  • Lastly, CJ is in charge of the commissions you make. Therefore, you are going to be paid by CJ for each commission earned.

In snaps, I will be showing you how to do all these in the next paragraph.



How to sign up with Cj affiliates.

Wait! There is one thing you need to do. “VERY IMPORTANT”

You need a professional looking blog if you have one already just skip here.

For CJ to approve any application, a publisher must have a blog and it needs to have a professional look.

since the advertisers are looking for capable sites to promote their market.

Then it would be a must for every publisher (i mean you and me) to have a nicely and professionally designed blog.

Once you have it all figured out, you can proceed to join the platform.

If you have not done the above-required step, I strongly recommend that you have it done to avoid been disapproved.


let’s get you to sign up

To sign up, visit the page link below.

Provide the necessary pieces of information needed to join the platform.

A mail will be sent to the email address you provided during the sign-up.

All you have to do is log in to the webmail server or email account and open up the email sent to by CJ.

It contains a link that enables you to verify that you are the owner of the email.

After verification, you will be prompt to provide additional information to continue with the platform.

Once you have completed all your the necessary information and finish signing up.

You need to provide your tax information and payment details, these will be used to send affiliate commissions.


Submit your tax information.

Here is how to verify your tax information and get started.

On your CJ publisher dashboard click on the “Account” and select “Administrative settings”.

Click on the “edit” right on the “tax information” header.


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Buffer
  • Pinterest
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Amazon
Submit Tax Information


You will be required to enter your password. Do so and click continue.

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Now from the window select whichever category you fall into.

They are 2 categories select one.

Us persons and Non-US Persons.

After selecting your choice, now fill every data required by CJ and hit the “submit button”


To update your payment details, log in your CJ account and navigate to “Account” then select and select “Administrative settings”.

Update your bank details and routing number for your bank service provider.

After updating your bank details there’s one more thing to do before joining and promoting GoDaddy products.




Now that you are done signing up and updating your personal data with CJ. Hence, you are now ready to promote GoDaddy and earn commissions.


How to find Godaddy or any advertiser on CJ.

You joined CJ just to promote Godaddy. GoDaddy should be the first one of all you will search and apply.

Login to your CJ publisher account.

Click on “Advertisers

From the next page use the “Search” bar just like the one in the image below.

Type your advertiser’s name and then hit your enter button.

There you go, Godaddy appeared 1st from my end.

What next? Click on “join program” next to Godaddy as seen in the Above


Your browser should pop-up window in your device.

Now accept Godaddy affiliate “terms and conditions” by clicking on “June 2016“.

Scroll down and click on accept then “Continue” on the previous window.

Now wait for email of approval or disapproval from Godaddy, it has to be one of them, no worries if your site meets their terms of approval.


How to successfully approve your waiting application fast.

Since you have no time on your watch, getting your application sped up is just the best way.

What I have you do right now is to send an email with the request that you just submitted your application and needs fast review.

To make it look professional, send it to them as a request to join the affiliate program via your CJ account.

Make sure to use your custom email address for your website.


You Got Approved what next?

Its time to do the real job, nobody said it was easy anyway.

You just have to work and wait for results.

So I will make this another thread posted on the blog on how to make money from affiliate programs.

And it is going to be very helpful and filled with a lot to learn to stay with me as I cook up the articles.

you can use the subscribe bar below or at the sidebar or click here to subscribe directly.

I hope this post has helped you get your Godaddy Affiliate account approved if you counter any problem please comment and I will help you resolve it as soon as possible.


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