Bing SEO : How To Optimize For Bing SEO and Rank [Easily]

Do you want to know how to optimize for Bing SEO and rank easily?   Does bing SEO really exist?! If yes then you need to know about Bing and understanding Bing and its Ranking Factors

Undoubtedly the new Google algorithm changed a lot of people’s mindset of controlling when their contents get rank or even indexed. But we are not here to talk about that, you are here because you want to know more about Bing SEO and how it works. Most of us we focus on the giant only and not other search engines. There are many search engines that compete with Google but because Google has more to offer than competitors we tend to move all our attention on Google alone. It is considered that Google has more incentives to offer than other search engines. But those search engines we abandoned have good results too.


Bing is one of the top competitions Google have in line. The thing is if not all almost every company collaborates with Google to bring technology to its sharper edge.


So am talking more about Bing this time and how you can harness the power of Bing traffic and use as your #2 tool for search and organic traffic. As we all we need organic traffic and the treasures from the front page.




About Bing.


Bing is a search engine that helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing. Bing is owned and managed by Microsoft and it was previously known with name MSN live search. The management and the team had to look for something different to rename the search engine because it was acquired by another renowned company.



Bing was finally chosen after it was being compared with bang and bingo. :))



Without wasting much of your time, let’s delve into the main loop of this topic.


Let’s begin with the advantages and benefits of Optimizing for Bing SEO.

What are the advantages of optimizing Bing SEO?



As Google search has its advantages so does Bing, one of the advantages is that visitors from Bing tend to reduce bounce rate which means Bing only provide unique content and show them in the searchers intent(results). Each visitor from Bing has a great value in marketing and SEO purpose. When I mean SEO purpose I mean SEO incentives like an increase in CTR and reduction in bounce rate also with affiliate sales. More traffic from Bing means almost everything.

It makes you stay ahead of your competitors in such a way that you are one step ahead of them. They only optimize for Google but you optimize for both search engines which makes you the boss. This means putting them behind you for real, no two ways about. You will become more visible to searchers on Yahoo and Bing if you practice Bing SEO carefully and consistently. 30% traffic from Bing and Yahoo isn’t something to put aside for next thought.


The next big deal is

how do you optimize for Bing SEO?


That question will be answered right here in this content. But first, you need to understand Factors that will allow you rank on Bing fast.

Understanding Bing and its Ranking Factors.

Now that you know about SEO advantages that Bing can offer you. Here are ranking factors that you need to understand before you optimize for Bing SEO.


#Keywords and Meta description.

You must have read a chunk of articles that teach you how to find keywords and so on. Well if you have learned to use them then you can use it to optimize your articles. To optimize for Bing SEO, you need to learn how to set your keywords properly while writing your contents, you should make it mandatory that the keywords are in the right positions and proportions. It doesn’t mean you should stuff keywords in your content. If you are a WordPress user this is where Yoast plugin needs to work for you download the plugin and read the basic training.





Content is the king that’s the famous quote in the blogosphere. But you don’t want rank crappy contents, as a matter of fact, they won’t get to 5 page on or bing.

As with Google, Bing ranks relevant, unique,  and lengthy articles. Here are factors you should practice for every content you want to optimize for bing.


  1. Write relevant and unique contents, that’s what Google loves but bing loves double of it. While writing your article, avoid using more than one h1 tags.
  2.  Use more of strong and italics in your content and keep your paragraphs clean and concise for Bing to understand the topic you are optimizing.
  3.  Contents that are long and unique tend to rank well on Bing. There is a but behind it. Avoid stuffing of keywords Bing will mark contents that are stuffed with keyword just as Google penalty will serve on you.
  4. Avoid using short meta descriptions, it should be 25-150 this will help optimize in bing SEO.
  5. Use alt tags in all the images you add to your contents most especially keywords you are optimizing.
  6. The title for your content shouldn’t be less than 5 or more 65 characters so as to adapt to relevancy and uniqueness.
  7. Lastly be consistent and post at least 2 articles a week to keep the both crawling around your website.


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#Internal and external linking.



Bing webmaster tool encourages the use of external and internal linking in articles. That’s a way of telling Bing that the articles related to the destination the link points to whether it’s internal or external.



High-quality links such as .org and .edu .net links pointing back at your domain mean more trust and value. It indicates that the site is trustworthy and can provide relevancy to their searchers.

Backlinks are signs of popularity and credibility most especially when they are from the listed TLDs above it interprets to bring that content they are linking to are unique and should be ranked.

You will get penalized if you practice black hat methods of getting backlinks like buying of links and fudging links to your content. bing will pass their verdict (penalties) by removing your content from their index database unless issues are resolved.

Consider using appropriate anchor text when linking to an external or internal page and avoid using generic anchor text. E.g. click here continue read more and so on.


#Social Media and Bing.


On like Google Bing also value social signal from twitter facebook and other social media outlets. Social signals increase the value of an article and there is a very good relationship since it comes from the right company.

Getting a high number of social signals means more up thrust in page value and your article will get on Bings first Page not just for a day or week but for months depending on how useful it proves to be for the audience and those who are yet to find it.



How to get social signals From Facebook and Twitter.

There are many ways in which you can get social signals for your newly published article whether you are optimizing for Google or Bing. Facebook and Twitter have been proved to have the strongest signals when compared to other platforms.


 Ways To Get Facebook  Social Signals.


Getting social signals from your followers by sharing your link on your wall and you can ask them for share the link in a very kind manner or by engaging with them emotionally.


Create a new facebook page, get people to know what you do and share a daily publication with them.


Integrate your Facebook page using a chatbot. Get subscribers and send them updates about your article.


Post links where and when necessary in facebook groups.


Ask your audience to share your article after they might have finished reading it.




Ways To Get Social Signals From Twitter.



Create a twitter account with the name of your brand

Follow like-minded people from the same niche and those who might be interested in what you do.

After post-publication, use tweet hashtag that is trending at the moment ( you can find them by using the tweeter search bar) and tag brands you have reviewed together with the likeminded people following you. Always attend tweet chat and use them to influence your site.




Submitting Your Site To Bing for Indexing.


There is one last thing you need to do to get your site on bing. It’s same as Google. Before you get your site on google you need to submit your site to them so as to create an index on their database.


How do you do that on Bing?


Common it’s easy


Follow this simple step by step guide


Step 1 Register a new account with Bing.

Step 2 log on to the Bing webmaster area

Step 3 submit and verify your site.

Step 4 submit your sitemap to Bing and also verify.

Step 5 submit your post manually and allow Bingbot to crawl blog by updating your sitemap



Follow this link for a complete tutorial on how to submit and index your site on Bing.







Bing SEO is very easy provided you follow the guidelines in their webmaster guidelines.

This is not a case study, it will work only if you adapt to bingospere and don’t violate any rules.


For new site owners, it might take at least two to three weeks for desired results to show up, so I suggest that you keep on working until the day starts flooding traffic for you.


Create your content and adhere to the simple methods that will you rank on Bing search engine.




Have anything to say regarding this topic?  Please, you can also share with the audience what you experienced with Bing SEO.


And don’t forget to share with your friends as it might be useful to them as it is to you.


We love sharing.

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