Baidu Account Registration: How to Register for pan Baidu account.

Basic Introduction To Baidu.

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Baidu is a China search tool, one of the famous search tool on the world record.

Baidu search is divided only for China residents. Which means China does not use Google as their search engine but instead of Baidu.

They have a strong and smart technology that serves the search results in Chinese language only.
It is recognized by them as their own Chinese Google.

This Chinese search engine offers various services which vary from audio files to images and a based search tool in the Chinese market.

Baidu collaborates with Baidu Baike, an online encyclopedia, Baidu offers over 40 search and community services including a searchable database forum, all these are managed by Its people.

Baidu Account Registration: How to Register for pan Baidu account.

You might need this Baidu account to take part in one of their conferences or agencies that only allows Baidu account for becoming a member.

As a Traveler.

You might need these forums to review and learn better about their tour schedule or even discuss with their expertise in any of the Chinese forums.

As a web developer and Blogger.

Webmasters use Baidu to get more traffic to their site or to make their own website show up in the Chinese search engine results for a better website exposure and SEO.

Baidu can be for any of the purpose stated above OR for some other commercial reasons.

To open a Baidu account there are just a few requirements you need to meet.


  1. A PC such as a laptop or desktop.
  2. web browsers that can translate words, from Chinese to the English language. e. g. Chrome
  3. An international number (Italian)


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How to sign up for a Baidu account.

Step 1

visit this page on your PC®Type=1&tpl=netdisk&overseas=1

Using a chrome browser or any browser that supports the translation from Chinese Simplified to your native language or use a browser extension (add-on).

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Step 2

Insert your international phone number with your dialing codes e.g. +234 or an Italian phone number (+39×××××××××)


Baidu Account Registration

Step 3

Choose your desired user-name. (alphanumeric or alphabet only).

Step 4

Choose your password (6/14 alphanumerical and symbols)
e.g example @1234

Step 5

Confirm that you are not a robot by completing the puzzle.

Step 6

Press “Get SMS verification Code” button and wait for your SMS to arrive.

Step 7

Input the verification code into the text area.

Step 8

check the agreement box.

“Read and accept the Baidu User Agreement,”

and press Register button


Signing in to your Baidu account.

Step 1

To login to your Baidu account.


Baidu Account Registration

Using the Chrome browser or a browser that has a translation feature that can translate from Chinese Simplified language to your native language.

Step 2

Translate the language to English and

Click on the link

“Overseas Phone number,”

This link will allow you to log in using the phone number with the country code you used earlier

All you have to do is to

Insert your phone number (with country code)


Insert the password

Log in

Complete every necessary thing needed.

Dos and don’ts.

Do- submit your site to this account
Do- login to China forums
Do- access the webmaster tool and use it carefully.

Don’t- misuse the account for black hat. China still has the authority to remove your account.

Enjoy your day

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  2. Hi, thanks for this post which is very useful. Now that i've finished my task using the Baidu account, I would like to cancel it. However, the cancellation procedure is so complicated and confusing. I was asked to install mobile app to use it to cancel account. after that i was asked to fill in my ID which i never had to use to register the account in the first place. Can you please help? Thanks.

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