3 Ways To Make Money Online Blogging In Nigeria

you want to make money online, but do you ask yourself some series of questions like?


  • Do I have time for online jobs?
  • How do I get started?
  • What skills do I need to make money online?
  • Does it need funds to start one?
  • What marketing strategies do I need to land my first clients


Do you ask yourself those questions?


If you ask yourself questions like the ones listed up here, then you are just one step ahead of making money online.


Now, before I answer your questions above, will list the business you can set up online and overcome with ebook guides that have supported me through dealing with these question.


#1 Make money writing for individuals and business.


Yes, do you have writing techniques that are worth selling online to business and companies?

If you do, then making money online is has just got easy for you.

Companies, organizations, bloggers, magazines, are looking for entities like you to create content for them and get paid, you can even make your first $1000 online just by creating quality articles for clients are in need. Another fact to note is that writers are one of the most paid online workers than any other online job.

Take for example

  • Okon Joseph
  • Bamidele onibulalusi
  • Maverick excel


These men are fetching internet money and they have coached many individuals on how to set up their own writing business. They make money doing what they have the passion for and they are making it real time.



How do you get established as a freelance writer?


In my interpretation I would say, get your ass at work using different write-ups and give your self-time to regulate every part and act of writing. If you love writing all the time, then this the right way to deploy your self-ability and test them at work.


>>Read books and articles professional writers have before put up, learn from accent to set up your own strategies then get them to work for you.


>>Attend workshops and webinars both online and offline to improve your personality and vocabulary, this will open your mind to have more love for the job. further, know and make friends with like-minded individuals in your field of writing.



>>Always find time to study SEO in writing, they make you fit to write for any category you find yourself


If you put this up in six months, you are set to start


After six months if you don’t see results it means you never did anything to improve yourself at all, it means you took it for granted.


#2 Make money by selling services online.


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This is where I make money from blogging believe me or not.

You might not see any hire us page on this blog but that doesn’t count, when you know the jobs you are doing and what you know best people will come rushing to your service, and one thing about this service advertising is that it involves none capital to start. once you have your blog/website running.


So how do you let people know you are selling a service on your blog?


1. Set Up a Hire me Page.



Your hire me page shows a fundamental part because it gives your audience quick insight of what you offer.

The use of hire page has been one of the best ways to tell an audience what a site owner offer on his or her site. It requires a technical experience to get one done, This page can sometimes serve as a “sales page” and not just a hire me page.


How Do You Set Up An Hire Me Page?

To set up a high quality hire me page on your site, Please read all this recommendation they will set one up.


Another option is Fiverr, there are a lot of Gigs selling on Fiverr, Which specify on setting up of a Hire me Page just for the smallest fee of $5, but there is a biting complication, you can’t get all you wish to set up in your hire Me page from Fiverr.


Build an SEO friendly Hire Me Page.


Make sure you hire me page is SEO and user-optimized,

In your hire me page make you have only 3 seconds to thrill your buyer, so have the first-time impression within that time frame.

Your presentation should look professional and say everything in details About the benefits you can offer With the help of appearance,  using info-graphics or video you can get your clients convinced to buy or order your services.


Do you wish to sell backlinks and offer SEO related service on Fiver?

Send Me an email to get started


Create Lead Magnets For Your Blog.



What is a lead magnet?


A lead magnet is something you give out for free to get something in return.

How does it work?

Let me clarify,

On my site, I have a lead magnet I give a free Book to collect email address for the free eBook.

Now for you to get more clients
You need to give a free service that brings more people to your landing page.

Give them an eBook that deals with one or two issues and gather their email and while doing so, these are three events that transpire.


This are the things you are doing.

  • Improving your mail list.
  • Advertising your services
  • Gaining organic traffic balance



Do you understand?  it’s a substantial win no hidden intellect.



How do you get the right market for your hire me page?


1. Use Facebook ads+ lead magnets.



You already know what a lead magnet is, with a lead magnet and Facebook ads, you can get your buyers.

Get this blueprint by ifiokonbong ibanga on how to minimize Facebook ads budget and make your desired profit.

The eBook is  NGN3,000

Click here to get started


2. Linking to your hire me page in your new contents.



Giving you hire me to page a good relevance in new content that relates to a service it is a very good way to promote your job online.

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3. Search for a similar question

Get into forums and ask for services you can fix by starting a controversial topic and share a free guide that will deliver you more buyers and demands.

P.s: note all forums allows you share link often, so be wise to share links only when it can solve a particular problems users are having.


Occasionally send emails outreach to your email subscribers.

Using the right template.

Here are templates that help you grow affiliate marketing and landing page services.


4. Know Your where Your Audience Lives.


You can Overlook this method, but has a soft bone for the Dog to chew.(easy to get targeted audience often) it works slowly but proves to be effective.

Your audience can be found anywhere, depending on how much effort you put to work in the search for them.

they can be on Facebook forums Twitter, online blogging forums.



-Work hard and smart day in day out, staying online and answering questions by writing Quality and SEO friendly articles that tackle Problems.

-Get to answer Active Questions in the forums.


-Always provide the right and accurate answers in threads.


#3 Make money selling white papers and books.

This is one of the easiest ways to make yourself money online, called information marketing.
How does it work?
Just a simple formula can get you to the main idea.
A formula for getting the best book to resell them.


If the price of the book you are buying is $40. Give it at a discount price and make it available both online offline for sale.


Another way is to start a Fiverr or seoclerk resell service you can create a gig on Fiverr and a service on seoclerk for a particular product.
This way you get sales.
persuade ebooks that will give a good return rate and outcome.


Added information.
If you want to start an SEO service, like selling of guest post, high-quality backlinks, web 2.0s links, social bookmarking.
Then this blueprint will help you get your service cheap and deliver them at a higher price tag.


Click here to get full review the book and buy it at a cheap rate.


When you have the love for selling online, then it becomes easy for you to make money online as a blogger.
in these businesses online, it takes time to earn online trust, this where it all begins.
how do you become a trusted seller?

its simple,

Be fair, true, consistent, and meet the right audience and most of all build your email list.

Sometimes it takes 6 months to get strong the sphere, but if you are lucky enough and work hard, then your earning potential is 65% guaranteed, if you can gain public trust for your services, then I guarantee that the business will boom in less than 2-3 months of immense effort. You can start any of the listed method above with the least fee, of N.10,000.
why do you need the money?
You need the money to get at least two to three eBooks on the ground for you to kick-start your business.
You don’t want to waste 2018
Reading articles and not put them to practice. No that’s bad


I want you to give yourself some to be a blogger not just writing contents for people to read.


I need you to dominate.
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Written by Yusuf Bitrus

I'm a Digi-Preneur, Affiliate Marketer, SEO intermediate and Blogger by heart.
I Help bloggers and business by writing and providing solutions digitally via my blogs, social media, and online/offline events.

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